MAS responds to issues raised by contemporary cities such as London, where our increasingly transient lifestyles are resulting in more work related communities in which living closer to the workplace and being able to move quickly a predominant factor in our choice of the home. This shift in emphasis will fundamentally change the way we view our cities, which will need to become more adaptable to meet short-term change in demand. This more flexible approach will result in a less clustered, more efficient urban environment.
MAS consists of two mass-produced elements: The accommodation module, based on the external dimensions and performance of a 40ft cargo container, and the core module based on a 20ft cargo container. All elements can be easily plugged together and taken apart. A specialist lift / hoist is able to move individual accommodation modules on and off the core tower so a standard container truck can deliver a module without additional handling equipment. The construction and finishes are comparable to a yacht or high speed train.

Key features:

10 No. one bedroom apartments - 100% offsite factory built

26.8 m2 accommodation module

passenger lift / escape stair

50m2 minimal footprint on 200m2 site

fast and independent relocation

sustainable technology

use of existing global distribution system

compliant to statutory requirements

international patent

external 10 unit tower dimensions: 19m(h) x 12m(l) x 7.5m(w)
(c) 2007 Modular Accommodation Systems Ltd. mhamm 21/10/2009